What Darla is Doing

I was texting Darla, yes sms texting. She doesn’t do facebook, and she is never too honest with her snapchat, so I texted her. I asked what she has been doing every night this week since she has not come to meet me to eat, drink and be merry. Come to find out, she is fine. Indeed, she has been enjoying fun time alone, getting into some bump and grind.

I was surprised by her candor, but she described to me her splendor.
She had the gamut of movie stars to lay with, as she did the netflix and chill.
At home alone, a drink, her essence, it did not matter if and when it spilled.
She had found a new toy, and did not give the name of a boy.
She was happy to have any guy or girl give her the swirl.
She loved this new feeling that had her reeling.
Techno, devices, energy and no misery.
Every night a fantasy world,
fun with her toes curled.